Here is a comparison of estate agent photographs and Essex House Photography images.
Anyone can take a photograph of a property, but it takes someone who understands the workings of a camera, the art of composition and the varying qualities of light to create a collection of good images. Images that reveal the true character and possibilities of your home.

I have no wish to denigrate the skills of estate agents. They do a good job in bringing buyers and sellers together and then seeing a sale through to completion. However, they usually have little, or no, photographic training and often come equipped with no more than a point and shoot camera that has its own inbuilt limitations.

In order to illustrate the difference I can make to your property's sales potential here is a comparison of estate agent photographs and Essex House Photography images.

AGENT'S PHOTO - As a result of standing too close to the dark-tiled kitchen walls the room appears very dark and oppressive. The "converging verticals" of the kitchen units give a "crooked house" feel.

Amateur Photo 4

ESSEX HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY - The same kitchen from a better viewpoint gives a much more light and airy feel and is no longer so dark. The wall units are now all vertical.

Interior  Kitchens 10

AGENT'S PHOTO - This is a beautiful bath and shower room - but the photograph does not do it justice. No true indication is given of the large size of the room and it appears to be very dark in the corners.
Amateur Photo 6

ESSEX HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY - A much better sense of the overall scale is achieved, lighting is more even and the pattern of the tiles is accentuated.

Interior Bathrooms 4

AGENT'S PHOTO - This is really a photograph of an attractive table. Good, but not much help in selling your property. The door to the right appears to be hanging awkwardly - this is due to the camera lens being slightly tilted.

Amateur Photo 3

ESSEX HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY - Now the prospective purchaser can see the full size of the room

Interior Dining Rooms 4

AGENT'S PHOTO - Tilting walls, a strange wall colour and a white blob to the right give no indication of the spaciousness of this hall.

Amateur Photo 8

ESSEX HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY - A wider viewpoint, straightened verticals and a good view of the high quality wooden floors and doors portray this hall to its true potential.

Interior Halls 8

AGENT'S PHOTO - A good viewpoint but but slightly out of focus and no detail in the sky gives this an uninspiring appearance.

Amateur Photo 7

ESSEX HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY - Better focus and a viewpoint moved slightly to the right in order to exclude next door's roofline.

Exterior Front 7

AGENT'S PHOTO - A 1 bedroom bungalow but this is more a photograph of the estate agent's car, the large house next door and various overhead cables.

Amateur Photo 9

ESSEX HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY - A better viewpoint and exposure emphasising the bungalow and avoiding distractions
Exterior front 11

AGENT'S PHOTO - The photographer must be very tall, or have stood on a chair to get such a high viewpoint and distorted view of this conservatory. The inclusion of a pet's litter tray is a definite faux-pas.

Amateur Photo 2

ESSEX HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY - A lower, more natural viewpoint renders the walls vertical and gives a far more appealing view of this pleasant room.

Conservatory 1